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Sculpting an OOAK BJD with Polymer Clay with Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist - Class Closed

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Class Closed

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 Sculpting an OOAK BJD with Polymer Clay with Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist

Start Date:  Class Closed

Class: Sculpting A BJD

Instructor: Kori Leppart 

Cost: $65 for 8 lessons - Released in 6 weeks (PDF Files Only)

Optional Kit:

Skill Levels -Intermediate to Advanced 

 Lesson 1 Sketching a plan  & Lesson 2 Re-usable BJD Armatures
 Lesson 3  Sculpting a Head.
 Lesson 4 Sculpting the Torso.
 Lesson 5 Arms and Legs & Lesson 6 Hands and Feet
 Lesson 7 Adding Joints
 Lesson 8 Stringing the Doll

Once Lesson One opens, it remains available until this classroom closes 


"Sculpting an OOAK BJD with Polymer Clay", this class will show the experienced to advanced doll artist how to make an original one-of-a-kind BJD out of polymer clay! While this class will not teach you to sculpt a figure in clay (you need to have some figure sculpting, and polymer clay experience already), or paint and costume your finished figure, I will show the experienced doll maker how to add movement to their doll making skills, by creating a ball jointed doll! 

Ball joint doll design, sculpting each individual piece, adding joints to those pieces and stringing your creation will all be thoroughly covered!  The BJD showing is 14", but the students get a chart that they can blow up or reduce to ANY size they want and can make whatever size they choose!

You will be amazed to see your doll come to life with movement, and if made and strung properly, your doll should be able to stand on it's own un-aided!

Please join me for this exciting and challenging class!

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