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E-Class - Photography 101 -The Basics to Taking Great Photos E-Class By Deb Wood

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Photography 101 -The Basics to Taking Great Photos E-Class (PDF Files Only)

By Deb Wood


We know it when we see it. That ‘killer’ shot; the Money Shot that we all hope to capture, the one that shows our artwork in the most complimentary way; the way we see it as it sits in front of us. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I will dare to take that a step further and say that a GOOD picture can be worth a thousand dollars or more, in potential sales. 

So many of us have started to sell our work on the internet. How wonderful is that, to open up in a market that is world wide! But with that, you also realize that the viewing audience, your buyers, only SEE what you put out there for them.  And those are the photos of your work. So they had better be good– the best you can do because that is all your buying audience has to go on to make their decision to buy– or not. They are not attending an art show where they can see and experience the piece first hand. 

Eventually you may develop a following, and in that group you will have repeat buyers who are confident that your work will be good and they won’t be disappointed, even if the photos aren’t that great. That can and does happen. However, with the current competition in the market, you really cannot afford to put out pictures that are not the absolute best images you can of your artwork.  You just cannot. Your work will be overlooked and the artist with the great photography is going to get the attention.

So often I have been told that my photos are great– but the work in person is even better. I am deeply flattered by that, but I will let you in on a little secret. I am MOST thrilled about my photography, because that does not come easy for me. I have to work to get good photos and in this class I want to share my techniques with you so you too, can hear that your photos are wonderful. 

And finally, since we do sell our work, our photography is a documentation of what we have accomplished and for an artist, that is the best record of all. You can create an online photo album with digital photos, you can develop a gallery of your work on the web, you can create and save files of your images on your computer or you can even create hard bound books using online services to create ‘coffee table’ books of your art! All with high quality, digital photography. And I will give you tips on how to do that as well. Now, how fun is that?

For this e-class you will need a digital camera and some work to photograph. That’s about it! I will share other equipment suggestions with you, but really, it’s not that hard. There are plenty of advanced photography sites out there for you to reference. I want to keep this simple and straight forward so you can do this too! 


Patterns pages are made to print on 8 1/2" X 11" paper.  When you print, make certain that your printer options are set for "print at actual size" or that the scaling command is "none." This will insure that the pattern does not get rescaled or distorted.  


Products made from this pattern are intended for personal use for fun or small scale personal and business profit as long as you credit Deb Wood with the design. Any form or reproduction paper or paperless are by permission only | Copyright - Deb Wood - All Rights Reserved

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