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Sharon Mitchell


 Sharon Mitchell, Cloth Doll Artist, Pattern Designer, & Cloth Doll Tutor. 

Born on the West Coast, in the South Island of New Zealand, the only creative child in a family of eight hard working, active people, after raising five daughters, a career in the disability sector, at last I have become a self-taught Cloth Doll Artist. 

After my mother died in 2005, needing something creative to express my grief, I made an ugly doll, which gave me great comfort, shifting something in me and starting me on my journey into Cloth Doll making. I became quite prolific, developing my own style and after running out of challenges, soon designed my first pattern. 

I started a weekly cloth doll group to keep me inspired and share my skills. I am grateful to belong to a local Artists Group, both of which sustain me and gives me a creative outlet and opportunities to express who I am, what I value in life, including my interests in writing, drawing, cloth doll pattern design, needlesculpting, sewing, and tutoring workshops! 

I volunteer in the community with a group of women fibre and textile artists, where I meet many visitors and patrons who share similar interests and where my dolls and Marionettes are displayed! 

I have had some articles published in Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine in recent years, an article in Art Doll Quarterly, and local magazine coverage. I have exhibited my dolls is a few places too and have a local outlet for them. 

I like designing needle sculpted cloth dolls that exhibit some kind of attitude with expression, character, and stance – that tell a story! With a predominant interest in needlesculpting, I thoroughly enjoy the process, resolving the doll problem, and teaching others these skills. Once the doll is complete, I am not attached to it and am happy to let it go. 

Today, with Workshops, Website, Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, I feel connected to cloth doll-makers around the world. Happily, I am one of the co-ordinators of Cloth Doll Artistry on Facebook, so I meet many interesting people from all over the world as well as see some awesome dolls and keep up with the latest trends! The dolls on my Facebook page SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude, reflect well my interests, where I write about the processes and sometimes make up silly stories to go with them!

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