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Nannette Schenk


I am a Dutch doll maker, and dolls have always played an important role in my life. As a child I was always playing with dolls and was also very fond of drawing. When looking back in my family history I discovered that my grandmothers father had three brothers that were very skilled painters and etchers. I still own a couple of paintings that has been painted by one of them during his life painting in South Africa, which I enjoy every day. 

Still I was very attracted to the contemporary dolls that I saw at exhibitions in the eighties. So I choose to create dolls, but I sincerely wanted to give them my own signature. Although I was very much inspired by Lynda Riess who’ s paintings I saw on postcards and posters during one of my visits in England. I got in touch with her many years ago and told her I was a great fan of her artwork. She was so kind to send some of her posters to me, and I told her that when I would have my own studio I would hang them all on my walls. I moved three times in a year but now I finally got my own studio and of course all her artwork hangs on my walls. You could say that she inspired me to create my Snobbie Dolls.

When I started to exhibit my dolls on art shows, the largest newspaper of the Netherlands choose one my Snobbie busts to be placed in the Saturday issue of the Telegraaf. Also the Dutch doll magazine “Poppen” and the American doll magazine “Contemporary Doll Collector” showed several of my dolls. Since I joined some doll exhibitions and exhibited my Snobbie Dolls in local shops, I had a large interest of people who wanted to create a Snobbie Doll. So I gave courses at my previous home.

Meanwhile I learned about the online doll courses from Adele Sciortino, and as I am always trying to create different doll forms with different mixed media. I am happy to share those creative ideas with you on line. As I have moved several times in the span of a year, I just had no time for doll making and online lessons, as most of my materials were in storage. Now I am happy to start creating again in my new studio and share my latest creations with you. Nannette Schenk Snobbies Netherlands

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