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Marilyn Radzat

The Fantasy Art of Marilyn Radzat

Marilyn Radzat has been creating art in the figure form for over 35 years. Using the body as the canvas, she transforms her handworked sculpted pieces with layers of fabric, nature's elements, mosaics and found objects. Marilyn's masterful skills in the art of assemblage adds her characteristic emphasis to the dimensional collage.

Featured in many fine galleries throughout the United States, and in the private collections of such well-known personalities as President and Mrs. Clinton, actress Demi Moore, author Anne Rice, entertainer Richard Simmons, director Ron Howard, to name but a few, Marilyn's pieces have been voted into the exclusive organization of doll artists, Niada: the National Insitute of American Doll Artists, a worldwide organization. Her works have been featured in many books and magazines.

Each piece stands as a one-of-a-kind collectable, unique and enchanting. The clays used range from low-fired, oil base clays to high fire porcelain. The fabrics used to create the costumes are vintage and antique pieces of silk velvets, rich brocades and other rare textiles. 

"I am often called a Curator of Enchantment. 

I feel that Enchantment offers, in her very essence, inspiration. It is that serendipitous coming together of the unexpected . . . a tiny orange mushroom on the forest floor, a circle of young redwood trees forming a cathedral space, a flash of silk caught by a branch . . . I believe in Enchantment in her highest form. Not as an escape from reality, but as a window into what is possible in that fertile and complex world of imagination." 

Marilyn Radzat, NIADA Artist (Aves Apoxie, Polymer Mixed Media)

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