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Kevin Buntin


Kevin Edward Buntin was born September 21st 1966 outside of Indianapolis Indiana in the town of Greenwood to Charles Edward Buntin and Bronwen Drue Herrin Buntin. Now a full time artist and writer and married to Christina (Tina) Lee Buntin, he currently resides in the small town of Troy Ohio. He has one daughter- Jamie Lee Schindel- and Tina and Kevin share their home with their two cats- brother and sister Merlin and “Gwennie” Gwenhwyfar amd all his little folk that he creates…all more or less in harmony.

“For better or worse, I am indeed a full time artist. I write as well. Before this…I worked in a model making shop- which was great for a while, and before that I worked in a factory, which was not great…at all.”

Kevin is almost completely self-taught as far as his art and writing. “I have no degrees, though I took a few basic art courses at a community college- which were great and essential courses- but I never received a degree. By and large however the rest of my training and art education was on my own.”

“I am something of an amateur naturalist and I love star-gazing when I can. I am a voracious reader- fantasy, folklore, mythology, and occult lore, reference books on nature, books on medieval life, and books on crypto-zoology, some horror like H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and lots of classics such as Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Stoker’s Dracula, Tolkien’s works and the like as well as contemporary fantasy and a lot of children’s literature- absolutely LOVE J.K. Rowlings books!- and young adult fantasy- I find it mostly more refreshing and hopeful than much of the fantasy that seems to be written these days for adults. I am proud to admit that I am a complete geek and a high-level nerd. I play Dungeons and Dragons when I can with a group of friends- old school table-top gaming! I collect a lot of toys- super-hero action figures, and SciFi stuff- I still have my original Star Wars action figures from when I was a kid. I actually have several other collections: pipes- most of which I have smoked at one time or another, various unusual knives and swords, and many other odd eclectic items… I’m also a bird-watcher/lover and have several books on birds and love to watch them at our many feeders. I also have an obsession with mushrooms and other fungi and have quite a few books on the subject as well. I tend to collect a lot of natural found items- many of which become the subject of my characters and even get used as part of my work. I love flowers and have several wild and domestic varieties planted about the yard. I love watching fantasy themed and some Science Fiction movies and I have a wide variety of musical interests as well and frequently have either one of my favorite fantasy flicks playing in my studio while I work or there is music playing. I also have an obsession with hats and a nice collection of those as well as some period costumes. They just don’t design cool clothes for guys these days! I used to attend a local Renaissance Festival…in full costume. I also have a full suit of wearable plate armor, and yes I have worn it but not to a Renaissance Fare- too hot! I enjoy good micro-brew, craft and import beer, wine and the occasional cigar.”

These days Kevin works full time out if his home studio bringing to life through his figurative sculptures and art dolls and stories all the creatures and multiple denizens that inhabit the myriad worlds that exist inside his mind.


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