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  • How often do you accept applications?

    "A" is for Artistic is always reviewing teacher's applications.  Feel free to submit yours anytime.

    How does your teachers program work?

    Our teachers program is very simple. You create the course and we create the classroom.  We work together to help promote your course and to give your class the exposure it deserves to help fill your classes.

    Will I have to provide a kit for a class?

    No, our instructors are not required to offer a kit but this is strictly up to you.  If you want to provide a kit the kit fee will go directly to you and not through "A" is for Artistic. However, you should include a supply list so students will know where to purchase their supplies prior to the course's starting date.

    How do I determine what to charge for a class?

    Not to worry we will help you to determine a cost for your class based on the weeks and subject matter you are teaching. Each class will be evaluated before setting the price.

    What kind of course is "A" is for Artistic looking for?

    At "A" is for Artistic we want to offer a wide range of classes from doll making, beading, sculpting, mixed media, embellishments techniques, paint, paper arts, quilting etc.  If you have a class that you want us to consider that has to deal in the arts please feel free to submit your application for consideration.  We are always open to hearing about some new and exciting course.

    What is the maximum of students that I can take?

    The maximum is not the problem it is the minimum that we are more concerned about.  Of course, what determines the number of students is the amount of interest your course will bring. If you have a good customer base or following, your students could be many.  We also do extensive advertising to fill all the classes.  Each course must have at least 12 students to run the class on-line.

    What kind of computer skills will I be required to conduct my course?

    All of this information is lined out in the "Teachers Application Package" which you can request by contacting me

    We look forward to hearing back from you and becoming part of the "A" for Artistic Teaching Team.