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* Online Class - Facial Expressions with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist - Class Closed

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Facial Expressions with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

Start Date:  Class Closed

Class: Facial Expressions

Instructor: Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

Cost: $65 for 4 PDF Lessons - Included Bonus Video on "Painting The Faces"

All Skill Levels


Marlaine Verhelst will teach you how to sculpt 

a happy face 

an arrogant face 

a surprised face 

and an angry face 

Every class starts with some pictures for inspiration but Marlaine also suggests to try the facial expression with your own face. First of all FEEL what happens with your face and secondly look in the mirror to SEE what happens. 

For this class Marlaine doesn’t describe all basic steps for making a face. You already have some experience as a sculptor or doll maker. The basic steps she teaches in her online sculpting and painting classes. 

The painting will emphasize the facial expressions for sure so marlaine will show all emotions unpainted and painted and give you the directions to make them. 

In this class we work with air dry clay: Darwi or Creative Paperclay. 

The suggestions and techniques can be used for other sculpting materials than air dry clays.


Optional a kit is available for this class. 

The kit contents:  

One kilogram package of Darwi clay  

One sculpting tool  

One sculpting brush  

One sculpting knife  

6 European Styrofoam eggs, size 7 cm / 2.75 inch, one already prepared with a cardboard neck base 

One package of postcards for inspiration 

The price of the kit including shipment is:  

- $ 69 (without tracking #) 

- $ 79 (with tracking #) 

Shipping time used to be 5 - 7 working days but is longer now due to additional security measures. 

The same kit including 4 packages of Darwi clay $ 115


 For purchasing the kit please contact 

Marlaine Verhelst:



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