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Sculpt A Bust with Maria Saracino, Polymer Clay Artist - CLASS CLOSED

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Class Closed

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Sculpt A Bust with Maria Saracino, Polymer Clay Artist

Start Date:  Class Closed

Class: Sculpt A Bust

Instructor: Maria Saracino

Cost: $65.00 for 5 lessons

All Skill Levels


In this class I will take you through the steps of buidling the armature and sculpting a head and hand in polymer clay.  We will also be creating a costume without using a sewing machine (some hand sewing is required),  Creating a wig using wefted mohair and an easy way of making a ladies wide-brim hat. The lessons are broken down into five sections. Each section has a supply list at the beginning and a resource guide on the last page to you find your supplie.  Throughout the class I will also give you some tips, share some little secrets and you some options to help you along the way.

Have fun and enjoy the experience...

Lesson Plan:

Introduction - Basics of working with Polymer Clay

Lesson 1 - Prepping the project and creating armature

Lesson 2 -

  • Sculpting the face and Head  
  • Creating Expression
  • Adding skin tone, blemishes and painting eyes

Lesson 3 -

  • Creating a hand armature
  • Sculpting a hand 

Lesson 4 -

  • Measuring, creating pattern, choosing fabrics
  • Creating a hat and costume
  • creating and styling a wefted mohair wig

Lesson 5 -

  • Assembling your sculpture and fine detailing
  • Accessorizing



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