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* Online Class - Children Of The World Series - Series 4 - Kieran Mikael with Deb Wood

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Children Of The World Series - Series 4 - Kieran Mikael with Deb Wood

Start Date:July 19, 2018

Class: Class Closed

Instructor: Deb Wood, Polymer Clay Artist

Cost: $65 for 5 lessons


If you were a part of the other classes in this series, you know there were some special requests submitted by the students. Deb took those into consideration for this class, plus added some of her own interests for this culturally diverse series.

In this class, we will be covering these specific areas:

  • This COTW is a boy this time so discussion about male vs. female facial features
  • Redesigning flat back eyes to make them easier to place in the armature
  • A clever (and challenging) method of adapting the armature to allow for easier eye placement and eye alignment adjustments
  • Creating a dental plate, with a full set of teeth and tongue to set into the armature
  • Discussions about alternative wigging materials plus a section on “How To” do an ombré style wool dye!This has never been included in one of Deb’s classes before so you won’t want to miss this!

Additional Information:

After working through some of the issues we encountered in the   earlier classes; and fielding spe-cial requests from the students in those sessions; Deb went ‘back to the drawing boards’ and worked out some very clever techniques to show you in this fourth class in this series; that can also be used in any of the other figures in this series.

One of the issues we encountered were placement and alignment of the eyes in these figures. Deb will show you a unique way to address this in this class. Also requested by the students was how to sculpt an open mouth with teeth, so again, this process has been    included in these lessons. 

And last but not least, Deb will  introduce to you yet again, a clever method for wigging and also information about different kinds of fibers– AND, how to cus-tom dye the fibers so you can get almost any effect you want with dyes! This alone is a very valuable  practice to have in your technique ‘tool belt’.

Next, Deb takes this class to a whole new level by adding the historical and cultural diversity of African tribal face painting and adding the tribal headdress. Be on the look out for items that could be used in this accessory!

These figures are busts, with an overall height of about 4” for the head, and about 8” for the head and shoulders. These busts are displayed on a pedestal base. Because we are only sculpting the head and shoulders, we can really concentrate on the subtle differences in the facial features and bone structure of these children of different races and countries. Deb wanted to use blue eyes in a darker skinned child, so Kieran has blue eyes. You could also use hazel, or gray, or green would be stunning too.  

Kieran could be dressed in purchased (baby) clothing for a contemporary look, and he sports the modern style necklaces you see kids wearing today. You can make your own from hemp and beads, or you can purchase them. Kieran is also shown in a traditional tribal style with  facial painting and the headdress typical of the tribes of Omo Valley in Ethiopia, Africa.

If you’re interested in doing some research before the class starts, to get inspiration for your own figure, you can Google Omo Valley, Karo (or Kara) Tribe, or visit:

Class Synopsis:

  • Study of the skull structure for the different races and creating the armature for the sculpture. Discussion of facial features and their placement. Discovering a new way to place the eyes–and build the structure for the inside of the mouth.
  • Sculpting the teeth and placing the dental plate in the armature. Covering the armature with a foundation layer of clay and baking, so it’s ready for the next lesson. Deciding on a pedestal base and getting that set up.
  • A discussion of skin tones and mixing clay to achieve this color, covering the armature with skin clay and beginning to sculpt the features. Finishing sculpting the features and discussion on chalking and other skin tinting.
  • Final touches on the bust and then adding details with paints or washes. Preparing for wigging/dyeing the wool.
  • Wigging, accessories and finishing touches.
  • Adding the tribal headpiece with many reference photos included. It’s fascinating!

So do come and join us. Tamarika, was the first COTW, Miki Kioko is the second in the series and both will be available as e-Classes at A for Artistic.  Maja Linn, our little Swedish girl, the third COTW, will still be available so you can participate in that class too! 

These busts could be adapted into full figured dolls, with an overall height of about 24”. (That information is not included in this series, however). 

Please Note: This Children of the World series has been featured in the Spring (Feb. Mar, Apr) issue of Art Doll Quarterly & AforArtistic Spring Issue 2018!   There are a nice articles about the COTW so don’t miss it! 

See you in class, and thank you! Deb Wood

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