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COMBO VIDEO CLASS Making a Steampunk Art Doll with Elena Loukianova, ODACA Artist, Special Two Part Video Class - CLASS CLOSED

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Making a Steampunk Art Doll “Aria” with Elena Loukianova, ODACA Artist

PLEASE NOTE: This is a two part class a value of $150.00 being offered for $85.00 for the two parts.


Sculpting a Beautiful Art Doll can be a challenge. But not the way Elena does it! Why not try to combine a variety of materials like Polymer clay, Cloth and Metallic elements to create a Stylish Steampunk Beauty!

Elena will take you through the steps of making a Gorgeous Doll from the very beginning. Start with Armature, then Sculpt, Paint and Decorate! Includes a bonus video how to troubleshoot the face - what to do when you are not completely happy with the face. Step-by-step, detailed videos. Everything you see on the photo, will be covered in the videos. The videos are broken down into 10-20 minute parts for easier download. Each one is carefully labeled so watching and organizing them on your computer will be a breeze!

Part 1. (Sculpting the Steampunk Doll & Painting)

By end of this lesson you will have a fully sculpted doll with the body and a face blushed and painted.  Elena will show how to sculpt trendy boots with Polymer clay. By following Elena’s steps you will turn beautiful hands into stylish gloves! Lots of tips which only came from Elena’s experience. No previous sculpting experience necessary. Multiple videos will cover this long but Fun process, showing you all the details and step-by-step instructions.

Video 1 & 2  

Video 3 & 4  5

Part 1 Video Plan:

Video 1 & 2

Inspiration and Ideas

Supplies Overview

Creating an Armature

Sculpting the Head and Ears

Constructing Body Armature

Sculpting Legs

Sculpting Shoes

Sculpting Bust

Video 3 & 4

Sculpting Hands

Painting: Blushing the Body & Painting the Head’s Details

Extra Bonus Lesson Video: Troubleshooting Facial Features – turn a staring expression into a relaxed one!



Part 2. Have your doll sculpted? But what to do next? What materials to use?

Elena will show you how to finish your sculpted art doll and give her a finished, finessed look. This part includes making the doll’s corset, texturing it, painting and decorating. Making accessories (a cute Steampunk hat), finishing the Doll’s costume with decorating gloves and shoes, making a skirt. Undergarments and stockings making is included. Even eyelash application! Wigging the doll and creating a beautiful Unique Steampunk base will complete this lesson.

Video 1 & 2  

Video 3 & 4  

Lesson Plan Part 2 (Accessories & Decorating, Wigging & Costuming. Base Construction)

Video 1 & 2

Costuming the doll: Sculpting the bodice, Painting and Decorating

Antiquing and Decorating Shoes and Gloves

Making the Hat

Costuming the Doll (continue): Making Undergarments, Stockings, Skirt, etc.

Video 3 & 4

Wigging the Doll

Creating a Custom Doll Base in Steampunk theme.


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