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Kori Leppart

Growing up, I was really never interested in dolls. However, I was always very interested in Art. I studied art early in school, through High-school and then later majored in Art in college.

Figurative and illustrative art were really where I concentrated my efforts. My early illustrative drawings were of fairies, and the world of Fantasy. So, when I started my doll making career, naturally my early sculptures were of fairies and fantasy creatures. In 1997, by chance I discovered the book Fantastic Figures by Suzanna Oroyan in a local bookstore. I was amazed by the Artist Dolls within. I purchased that book there and then, embarking on a journey which would develop into an obsession, and ultimately my career as an artist. My early work featured primarily children and the world of fantasy. In the last few years I have turned my focus on to ball joint dolls. My original BJDS are mostly young adults and teens.

My work still has the element of fantasy, but with an edge. I call them "darkly sweet". You can purchase my work directly from me as well as the Dollery ( ), and

Kori Leppart, ODACA (BJD, Polymer & Costuming)


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