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Judy Skeel



Judy Skeel raised two sons in Ohio with her firefighter husband. Surrounded by testosterone she turned to cloth doll making to find her feminine side about 20 years ago and has never looked back. Initially focusing on lovely ladies, Judy advanced to whimsical characters and thanks to having sons she turns out the occasional mixed media beastly being and mentally twisted personality.  Altering fabric, manipulating ribbon and fabric, detailed face painting and posing exquisite hands naturally are all aspects Judy loves in creating figures. Teaching dollmaking began in her home studio more than fifteen years ago. Judy travels to teach at doll and quilt conferences, quilt shops, doll clubs and on line. She’ll go anywhere to play dolls!

Judy has been published multiple times in "Doll Crafter and Costuming," "Contemporary Doll Collector" and "Soft Dolls and Animals" periodicals as well as Patti Culea's book "Creative Cloth Doll Faces".  She designs her own patterns, a dozen or so are available on line, others are restricted to workshops only.

Judy writes:

"When I complete any piece not only do I feel the ecstasy of completion; I also am enchanted by the creation. In some way, any new creation for me connects me to God as I begin to understand what joy He must savor in creating His works."

Judy Skeel, Doll Artist Cloth & Mixed Media

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