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Mr. George Stuart

Artist, Historian, Entertainer and Teacher

For more than fifty years George S. Stuart has been capturing the essence of history's most famous and infamous personalities. Rarely have art and history been melded so exactly in works of such breathtaking realism.

To date, he has created more than four hundred Historical Figures that have been exhibited in the Smithsonian and private collections.

Viewing a Group of Historical Figures gains special significance when accompanied by Mr. Stuart's informative, entertaining monologs about the personages and their times. Mr. Stuart presents monologs several times each month at the Museum of Ventura County and other venues.

In his Ojai, California studio Mr. Stuart continues to model Historical Figures in mixed media.  At quarter life size, his portraits are closer to figurative art are often mistakenly called miniatures, figurines – or worse, dolls. Mr. Stuart is also very active in preservation and restoration of existing Figures.

Mr.George Stuart, Historical Figurative Artist (Master Artist)

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