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Adele Sciortino

Artist and self-taught doll-maker Adele Sciortino is the inspiration behind the internationally acclaimed website, Proud editor of AforArtistic a quarterly e-magazine which reaches many artistis aroung the world. Artist member of  ODACA (Original Doll Artist Council of America), a professional one-of-kind doll organization. (

Originally, from New Orleans, Louisiana, Adele now lives in Canada where she is also the vice president of the forty-year-old company, PCA Calendars & Planners. ( She is a Graphic Design graduate from the University of South Alabama as well as the Dale Carnegie Sales and Marketing Program, boasting more than thirty years’ experience in marketing and sales.

She makes time in her busy schedule to write for the distinctive Art Doll Quarterly, where she focuses her attention on the business side of doll making. In addition, she publishes her own quarterly magazine, AforArtistic Quarterly e-magazine.  

Adele’s natural talents were encouraged by her parents and grandparents who were master tailors, quilt makers and music teachers. Their skills and expertise inspired her to find her own artistic path leading her to exploring figurative sculpture, creative costuming, wearable art, bead weaving, watercolor painting, photography, crocheting and sewing.

Adele played an active role in New York City’s "Broadway Bears" galas, which annually generated money for Broadway stars coping with terminal illness. Her original costuming for bears helped raise thousands of dollars for this noble cause. 

Each of Adele’s fine art figurative sculptures captures the true spirit of doll-making, with their unique souls and personalities. Her figurative pieces adorn homes that have become treasured gifts – held in awe and appreciation by all who view them.

Adele now shares her love for doll art with aspiring and experienced students through both live and online classes that challenge their talents and meet their creative needs. Her newest online classes will begin early 2017. Her creative journey will continue to grow as she merges more into the polymer world of sculpting realistic figures.  

To learn more about Adele Sciortino and her latest class offerings, visit her new website: 

Adele Sciortino, Figurative Artist

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