Sculpting a Moveable Bust with Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist

Sculpting Bust

Learn to make a moveable Bust!  A "moveable bust" can be finished just as a bust or as a complete doll!  This class will be a first in a series, as I continue on with future classes I will cover how to make parts to complete a “Cabinet  Style Doll" with clay arms, hands, legs and feet and a cloth body.   

Many artists make and sell doll busts, and they have really become quite popular.  Why not make one a little better than the rest?  Make one that moves with a ball and socket joint between the head and breast-plate.  It gives the collector options for posing their bust.  
I cover all aspects of sculpting a beautiful head, and then making a breast-plate to pose the head on.   If you choose you can hold on to the head and breast plate and continue on with future classes to make a finished doll or mount the head and breast plate for a "moveable bust”!