“Witch-e-Poo” with Deb Wood, Polymer Clay Artist

And just in time for Halloween, too! This creaky old witch is coming your way soon. Deb Wood is back with her version of the Wicked Old Witch of the West- but really, she’s just a funny little gal. This Witch comes with a twist- she’s wearing striped socks and bright green sandals! You can create your Witch-e- Poo in your own vision too, of course.

Her clothing is cloth, her body and under garments are clay. She stands about 9” tall overall, that’s about 23 cm for our metric friends. This height includes her creaky hat- her height without the peaked hat is actually closer to 7” (17.78 cm).

Witchy’s hands and face are clay- her arms are slightly poseable. She is free standing, no base is needed this time which makes her a nice figure to make and display with your other fall décor. Because her arms are poseable, you can place found items in her hands- or she can hold on to her hat too!

This class is designed for all skill levels so come, join us and just have some fun. Simple facial structure and sculpting is covered, along with how to make hands look gnarly without too much extra work. Simple fabric draping gives her the costume and some fun tricks are shared on making a witch’s hat look weathered! You’ll also learn a milifiori layer technique for making her socks.