Baby Battina with Kathryn Walmsley, NIADA Artist

Halloween is coming! Make an extra special project to delight adults and kids alike. Baby Battina is an automata whose wings flap as your turn her crank handle. The mechanism is fun and easy to make with the kit that is offered for this class. There are unlimited opportunities for personalizing your version of Baby Battina, Sir Battoff and their support box and mechanism.  You can make your head from cloth, clay or use a small found head.  The bats have fur covered bodies and cotton or silk wings fused around a wire armature. You can cover your support box with cloth or choose decorative painting. The more embellishing the better so this is a great project to use some of your special stash.

All patterns necessary are included with the class.  Complete wood cut list and detailed hardware list are included for those who prefer not to buy the class kit or hope to make their own kit next time. To learn more about automata my favorites book list is included too.  While an extra expense, purchasing the kit makes completing your Baby Battina or Sir Battoff lots of fun and accessible to all with only simple tools necessary.