Red Queen Art Doll Bust with Elena Loukianova, ODACA Artist - VIDEO CLASS
Red Queen By ElenaOriginals

In this video class students will learn to sculpt a One of a Kind Art Doll Bust of the Red Queen, inspired by Alice in Wonderland famous character. The Art Doll Bust is sculpted with Polymer clay. Main focus is paid to the anatomy of the female face. Lessons show how to accentuate the features during the sculpting process as well as how to choose the paints to complete the look. Learn what makes the face expressive and elegant. Besides sculpting and painting, the tutorial shows how to wig the doll, costume it and create a custom base to suit the character’s design. The overall height of the Doll Bust is around 5 inches, including a 2 inch wooden base.

The materials used in this class are very diverse and include polymer clay, acrylic and oil heat-set paints, fabrics, beads, mohair, foil, decorative trims, ribbons, rubber stamps, distressed ink and a lot more! Get ready for information packed and fun project!