Rapunzel with Cindee Moyer, Doll Artist

The Brothers Grimm were aptly named....in the story of Rapunzel, a pregnant wife is craving Rapunzel from the witch’s garden with ‘grim’ results. The loving husband sneaks in to the garden to get the turnip-like plants for his wife. But she wants more – the second time, he is caught and in exchange for the plants, he promises the witch their unborn child.

She is named Rapunzel after the plant. The witch keeps Rapunzel high in a tower, a prisoner. Over the years, Rapunzel’s hair grows to 20’ long and the witch uses her braided hair to climb up to the young woman every day.

And, as luck would have it, a handsome Prince hears the beautiful voice of Rapunzel and finds the secret to access her in the tower. Of course the witch will have none of that, cuts Rapunzel’s hair, ships her off to the forest of no return. The Prince is blinded by thorns when he either jumps or the witch tosses him out the tower window. Searching blindly (literally) for his lost true love, he finally comes upon Rapunzel, whose tears of joy fall into his eyes and he regains his sight and they lived happily ever after.

We are never told what the wife did to the husband who bartered their firstborn away. That is another story.........

In this class, we will be recreating the tower with Rapunzel inside. However, in this case, the tower and Rapunzel are ‘one’. Her head and bodice are made from fabric and the tower is made from paper clay.