Lillian & Max with Cindee Moyer

Lillian & Max

Lillian is not one to go unnoticed and neither is her constant companion, Max.  Not one of those frivolous little dogs that you can hide in your bag, Max is every bit a presence.  From Lillian's 'fur' trimmed coat to Max's Swarovskit studded collar, this pair is ready to paint the town red!

In this class you will create a fabric doll with a soft sculpted face that is hardened and skinned.  You will then make her dress and fabulous coat as well as sculpt and paint her boots.  Her felt hat is molded and accented with ribbon and an old rhinestone pin.

Max is sculpted in paper clay and then covered in strips of printed paper that Mod-Podge'd to his body. Both figures are mounted on a wood base that you will paint, paper or collage to your liking.