Face Painting Detail with Deb Wood, Polymer Clay Artist

Face Painting

Come and join Deb as she explores different mediums and techniques in painting to get realistic skin tone detail on your sculptures. If you took part in her “Turn that Frown Upside Down!” facial expressions class, you will certainly recognize some of these characters! Serving as models for that class, these interesting faces will now take on a whole new dimension as she demonstrates how to layer paints to create dimensional skin tones, rosy cheeks, skin imperfections, age spots, whiskers and even freckles! Learn the different techniques to demonstrate the contrast between young and aged skin… She will even show you how to get realistic shading inside the eye to give it real dimension and also how to ‘age teeth’! In this 4 session class you will learn the basics and differences between various types of paint, methods for applying the paint and how to add special effect details to the faces. These painting techniques can be used on other mediums besides polymer. If using them on a cloth doll Deb suggest that you do a test on a sample piece before proceeding with painting the face.