Baby on the Moon with Diane Keeler, NIADA Artist


This is a fun and challenging class on sculpting a Baby sleeping on the Moon. Sculpting the moons face is very similar to how I sculpt my children's faces but because we aren't worrying about proportions. It's much freer then sculpting a full child's head. You can sculpt any type of face you wish. If you see an old moon on the moon that will also work. This technique is very adaptable. I will start by showing you how to build an armature. This technique will work for any size moon. The moon for this lesson is about 8 inches high without the rod. Next step will be sculpting the moons face. When we complete the moon I will show you how to sculpt a sweet baby to sleep on the moon. She or he can be a little fairy, angel or without wings. Your choice. Each part can be a separate sculpt but they look so sweet together. Come join us for this challenging and fun class.