Sculpting Eyes in Polymer Clay with Elena Loukianova, ODACA Artist

Sculpting Eyes With ELena

Have you ever wondered where to buy eyes for the doll that you really wanted to make? Or maybe you found a pair but the size wouldn’t match? How about pink eyes or lavender? Or even Cat eyes? Learn to sculpt your own eyes in Polymer clay that you can add to your doll design. These eyes are fully bakeable at high teperatures, especially suited to work with polymer clay, however they are suitable for any type of doll: polymer clay, paper clay, cloth doll and even porcelain! For your convenience Elena has put together a video to guide you through the steps of making 3 pairs of eyes. The Lesson includes the Eye chart designed to help you with the sizing. It is not only easy but also a lot of fun! The video is divided into 5 parts for easy download.