"Kris" By Deb Wood


From the fringed boots on his feet to the carefully staged de-sign of his rich robe and cape, this stately and classic figure, standing 12” tall, (31 cm) is sure to please.

Kris starts out with a strong, wired and sculpted armature which assures a durable sculpture and accurate proportions. His realistic looking boots are a combination of clay and leather, and you will learn the steps to creating these as well.

His costuming involves pattern drafting to fit the figure you are working on, so while the patterns for all his costuming are included, you will learn how to draft your own patterns as well in these lessons.

Learning to give structure and motion to costuming brings so much more interest to your designs, so this is also covered in this 5 lesson class. You can almost hear the wind whipping around him, can’t you? Think of how dynamic your work could be with these added techniques.