Advanced Armature Design for the Adult Female Figure with Deb Wood


Correct proportions are so important! When you are sculpting and something seems “off”, it usually has to do with the scale or proportions of the figure. This class will “step it up a notch” and will help beginners as well as advanced sculptors reach a successful result with their figure sculpting. 

Deb Wood realized the importance of a correct, solid structure when it came to figurative sculpting, so over 4 years ago she created an efficient wire armature design that has helped 100’s of artists make sturdy, well proportioned figures. She’s back in 2015 with a new, complex, fully poseable, STRONG and correctly proportioned wire and clay armature that can be repositioned into just about any pose and makes sculpting good bodies even easier. This figure is more detailed, with special attention paid to the depth of the body cavity as well as the addition of hip bones, and fuller, more proportioned legs. This figure can be made standing, sitting, laying or any of the above.

Included with this class will be an accurate, carefully proportioned armature diagram for a 10” figure and it can be resized for any size figure. She will also explain the correct gauges of wires to use for these designs, depending on the size figure you are making.