Living The Dream with Cindee Moyer

Living Dream

With the popularity of tiny houses and the freedom they give to just pack up and go, this Totey Ho is no exception! Small enough to pedal off into the sunset, but large enough to carry the necessities, we can only imagine what lies in store for her. 

In this class you will be creating your own ‘Totey Ho’ or whatever name fits for your life. It is constructed of foam core, balsa wood, paper and fabric. Accented with a small plant, a ‘friend’ at the back window and a ‘string of pennants, a ‘bunting’ or ‘flags on a line’ –whichever pleases you – your Totey Ho is sure to bring a smile or two. 

The 13” fabric doll at the wheel is wearing worn denim capris with a cotton and lace tunic. Her jacket is an easy fit so that she is not encumbered with buttons and straps while pedaling. She has tied her hair back with her favorite polka dot ribbon. She is Living the Dream.