Pockets Full of Miracles with Cindee Moyer, NIADA Artist

Pocket Miracles

Inspired by the song, Pocket Full of Miracles, I started thinking of the little miracles in my life – my fourteen grandchildren! Then I thought of how they could become my pockets full of miracles. What evolved was this doll whose dress became a ‘frame’ for pictures of all my grandkids. I have fourteen but any number of pockets can be used to personalize your doll. I will help you determine the size and placement based on the number of children or grandchildren you have.

The doll is made of cloth and paper clay. She has a cloth upper body with a soft-sculpted, stiffened and skinned head. Her legs are sculpted in paper clay. I used horsehair for her hair, but any material can be used. She wears a painted scrim headpiece.