Hansel & Gretel by Angela Jarecki, ODACA Artist

Red Riding Hood with Angela Jarecki

Alice Souvenirs From Wonderland with Angela Jarecki, ODACA Artist

In our 4 week class we will start by constructing Alice and posing her. Then we will make her lovely, layered costume from odds and ends of fabrics and lace. We will also make her little plush rabbit companion and her Mad Hatter's hat! (The hat is so much fun!)


Lady Anise Eugenia Potts with Angela Jarecki


One of the reasons that I made her taller than I normally make dolls is so that there is the ability to do some things with costuming that would be difficult on a smaller doll. For one thing she has layers and layers.....and layers of skirting and pantaloons! In class you will have the chance to add beading and other types of embellishment to each layer, and even incorporate some fun folding techniques into your costuming!

Wisteria Part 1 with Angela Jarecki, ODACA Artist


Wisteria is a hand-painted paper clay fairy. 

 She is approximately 22”tall. 

 In class, I will show you how to make a flexible wire armature, a cloth body and show you how to sculpt a face for your doll and full costuming.

Wisteria Part 2 with Angela Jarecki, ODACA ArtistWisteriaPart2

 The second 4 weeks we will work mainly on costuming, with careful attention given to color selections for her costume. We will dye cloth, and any other scraps and bits that will work for her clothing,  plus we’ll do a lot of hand work to her costuming.  I will also show you how to make removable wings for your doll. After all, every fairy has to have a lovely set of wings!

Celeste with Angela Jarecki, ODACA Artist


Celeste is my first step towards a merging of the two. She is a paper clay doll with simple jointing in her arms and hands that allow them to be gently posed. She is a torso with a cage for a body.

I thought she would make a lovely addition for a Christmas in July Doll, as you can embellish and adorn her in such a way that she would make a great centerpiece for your holiday décor.

Anya and Baba:The Fantastic Journey! with Angela Jarecki 


This doll, named Anya, and her baby, Baba, pay homage to both those great joys and fantastic journeys of my life.

She has traveled many places, with her beloved child, and in her travels has picked up exotic bits of fabric and trim, which she has incorporated into her clothing!

I invite you to travel along with me and make these two dolls. Anya is a 20” stump body cloth doll. 

Madame Mori Cloth Puppet/Doll with Angela Jarecki, ODACA Artist

Madame Mori

If you happen upon a forest, at just the right time of day, at just the right place, and are ever so quiet, you may see Madame mori, the forest mage.  She quietly travels the maze of the forest, leaving a trail of peace in her wake.  She sings with the wind, encourages the sunlight to dance with all its might among the leaves, and listens to the old, old stories of the trees.

Madame Mori is a cloth puppet/doll.  Her torso is supported on a main rod and her arms may be moved and posed by rods that attach/detach from her wrists.