It's My Party with Rosanna Pereyra, Paper Clay Doll Artist

It's My Party

Abby has been looking forward to her birthday party all year long.  

She's invited everyone in her class, even the boys, because she is finally turning 8!!  

Mom wants Abby to sit like a little lady and keep her hair neat but Abby wants to run wild and free!! 

In this class we will be using a simple template that you can sculpt directly on top of, building a wire armature, and sculpting the head hands and legs from Paperclay.


The Original Flapper "Miss Beehaven" 1926 with RosannaPereyra


n this class we will creating a really fun and unique character. 
Its time to step back and relive the magic of the jazz era, the Roaring 20's. Meet Ethel "Miss BeeHaven 1926" Fitzpatrick, the last living Flapper!

Sculpting A Fairy Bust with Rosanna Pereyra, Doll Artist


In this magical class you will learn to sculpt a fairy bust using paper clay (air dry clay), paint the face and create the wings.  This is a 4 lesson class that will take you step–by–step to make your very own Fairy Bust.