Capturing Movement In Fabric with Dustin Poche


Creative costume is the key element to any figure. Discover how to use some unexpected products to stiffen fabric to create the illusion of movement while maintaining the integrity of the fabric. This class offers exciting techniques for fabric manipulation. Join us as we explore this important aspect of figurative sculpture costuming.     


 Creating A Powdered Wig (hairstyle) with Dustin Poche, Figurative Artist

Powdered Wig

Imagine how much fun you’ll have in this two session class as Dustin leads you through the exciting process of creating the infamous “powdered wig” hairstyle. These hairstyles make great additions to historical figurative sculpture pieces. Techniques covered in this class will include, creating natural hairlines, forming tiny curls and creating and adding extravagant adornments. For this class I will be working with Alpaca fiber. You can choose from Alpaca, wool, mohair or other natural fibers.

Creating Fanciful Textures in Clay with Dustin Poche’

Dustin’s “Textures in Clay” lessons are a fantastic opportunity to learn some secrets of the trade. This two session class will open a world of techniques and applications that you will be able to adapt to many areas of your work. Dustin will focus on creating textures on shoes and hosiery, followed by painting techniques using acrylics and pastels. He will also give insight and ideas on where to find different textures. 

Dustin’s secret tips and techniques can be applied to any doll making medium such including  polymer clay, paper clay or even cloth dolls. Don’t miss this chance to learn a key aspect of figure sculpting.

Creating 18th Century Stays (Corset) with Dustin Poche


Join us for an exciting 2 Session class as we journey through the process of creating an 18th century Stay, or Corset. You will receive instructions for creating a custom corset for your own one of a kind creation. Dustin will share some unique and quick pattern making tips and tricks that can be used by all figure artists. Steps include creating the decorative stomacher, stiffening the corset and adding grommets and lacing. Learn the basics of corset making and then let your imagination run wild.