Ankie Daanen Paper Clay Doll Artist

Box Boys with Ankie Daanen, NIADA Artist

Flat Brat with Ankie Daanen, NIADA Artist

How To Costume Dolls with Ankie Daanen, NIADA Artist

Costume Cover

Wondering how you can costume those dolls that are sitting without clothes….Learn how to costume your doll.

Here is your chance to learn costuming techniques with Ankie.  She will take you through the process of costuming different outfits.  She will be sharing those magical tips to create beautiful costumes for any kind of doll – cloth, paper clay or polymer.

Girl With The Wings With Ankie Daanen, NIADA Artist

Jack Out Of The Box with Ankie Daanen, NIADA Artist


Ankie will teach you how to sculpt and paint the face of this wonderful Jack Out Of The Box. Than she will show you step-by-step how to make a Jack box. Plus step by step how to costume this doll.     This is a fun class you don't want to miss!

Props & More with Ankie Daanen, NIADA Artist

This is a fun class to inspire you to make props for your next doll making project.  Ankie will share her wonderful techniques to create fun and creative props.

Ankie likes to inspire you by showing  200 pictures shown out of many childrens books that she collected throughout many years.

These pics show funny faces, nice movements, shapes and images of simple animals, easy to sculpt. Also you will see nice costume ideas.

The Funny Guy and Wish Doll are both made out of unusual finds from flea markets combined with nice trims and treasures.

The Wish Doll - On their belly they have a doubled paper that you can close with a lock in heart shape.

You can open it, write a wish for somebody on it, lock it and give the key to the person that gets the wish. Great gift for any holiday!