Sculpting an OOAK BJD with Polymer Clay with Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist


"Sculpting an OOAK BJD with Polymer Clay", this class will show the experienced to advanced doll artist how to make an original one-of-a-kind BJD out of polymer clay! While this class will not teach you to sculpt a figure in clay (you need to have some figure sculpting, and polymer clay experience already), or paint and costume your finished figure, I will show the experienced doll maker how to add movement to their doll making skills, by creating a ball jointed doll! 

Sculpting Beautiful Faces by Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist

Face-Ups ~ Painting Any Doll Head

Sculpting A Fairy Child with Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist

Fairy Child

Plaster Mold Making with Kori Leppart, ODACA

Join this exciting online class and learn how to make a plaster mold from your original work.  You can make the mold to use as a polymer press mold or even for use in casting porcelain or air dry slip.  Come and learn a new skill which will add tremendously to your doll-making.  Make more dolls in less time. 


Sculpting a Moveable Bust with Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist

Sculpting Bust

Learn to make a moveable Bust!  A "moveable bust" can be finished just as a bust or as a complete doll!  This class will be a first in a series, as I continue on with future classes I will cover how to make parts to complete a “Cabinet  Style Doll" with clay arms, hands, legs and feet and a cloth body.   

Many artists make and sell doll busts, and they have really become quite popular.  Why not make one a little better than the rest?  Make one that moves with a ball and socket joint between the head and breast-plate.  It gives the collector options for posing their bust.  
I cover all aspects of sculpting a beautiful head, and then making a breast-plate to pose the head on.   If you choose you can hold on to the head and breast plate and continue on with future classes to make a finished doll or mount the head and breast plate for a "moveable bust”! 

Finishing The Traditional Doll with Kori Leppart, ODACA Artist

Learn to make a "traditional style" doll! This class is a follow-up to my "Sculpting a Moveable Bust" class.  In it you will learn to make a cloth body, along with sculpted arms and legs to match your head and breast plate from the "Moveable Bust" class.  The finished doll will have pose-able arms and legs and of course a moveable head!