Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

The Elf and His Fish by Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

Elf & Fish

This Elf is having a lot of fun with his Fish and it also will be a lot of fun to make him!

All the sculpted parts will be sculpted with Creative Paperclay. The total height of the piece is 13 inches/ 32,5 cm

Also for the students who did already other classes with Marlaine there are alot of new techniques to discover like:
- the sculpted legs (the piece stands on its own)
- sculpting wrinkles on the socks and on the hat
- the special painting technique with opaque white over water color paint

Totem Fun with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

Sometimes you just want to play around and sculpt a bit without doing a large project like a doll that needs a body or a costume. 

Making a personal totem is a lot of fun! When I was creating my first totem I could not wait to make a class to share my methods. 

A totem is a great gift for a friend or family member!

This class is a fun class for beginners as well as experienced sculptors.  The shapes and techniques are simple.  For instance, I use pins for eyes.  If you are more experienced you can go all the way and add your own techniques using this class for inspiration.

I used air drying clay, La Formo but you can easily replace by using Creative Paperclay or any other clay you prefer.

Facial Expressions with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

Facial Expressions

Every class starts with some pictures for inspiration but Marlaine also suggests to try the facial expression with your own face. First of all FEEL what happens with your face and secondly look in the mirror to SEE what happens. 

For this class Marlaine doesn’t describe all basic steps for making a face. You already have some experience as a sculptor or doll maker. The basic steps she teaches in her online sculpting and painting classes. 

The painting will emphasize the facial expressions for sure so marlaine will show all emotions unpainted and painted and give you the directions to make them. 

In this class we work with air dry clay: Darwi or Creative Paperclay. 

The suggestions and techniques can be used for other sculpting materials than air dry clays.


Let's Do A Frog with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist


I love frogs. Their shape is very interesting, they can have all kinds of colours AND they could change into a prince.
I made the frog as a wall decoration but please feel free to change the pose or to make a combination with a doll. In the class you will get some examples.

The total length of the frog I made, is 14 inches (35 cm.). The class includes:
- Cutting the body into Styrofoam
- Construction of legs and frog’s eyes

- Working with papier maché
- The painting process with acrylics

When I made this frog I envision bright colors. But don’t worry. You can make yours in any color you like. It seems that –like mushrooms- the more colourful they are the more poisonous.

Painting A Doll With Watercolor with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

This is a one-lesson class. Marlaine shows you her method to paint your doll with watercolor paints. The lesson is full of photos to help you every step of the way.


Making a Body For Your Doll with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

This is a one-lesson class. In this series you will learn to make a basic body in preparation for costuming.  There are over 75 photos plus pattern.

Clothing Your Fantasy Doll with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

This is a one-lesson class. In this series the fun begins in creating a unique costume for your doll by using simple patterns that can be altered to fit your theme.

Hair and Hats For the Fantasy Doll with Marlaine Verhelst, NIADA Artist

This is a one-lesson class. In this series you will continue your costume journey by learning various hats and hair techniques. There are over 75 pictures to guide you through the process.